Other projects of Global Assistance

GLOBAL ASSISTANCE a.i. develops and supports new projects and products for clients.

When we are providing services to clients we come up with many improvements,
new features and services that we are trying to implement in practice.

Traffic Foundation for Children

Even though in the last few years the number of deaths on Czech roads cause by accidents is declining thankfully, there still remains a sad fact that every year many children lost both parents in a traffic accident. These orphans are supported by the Children's Traffic Foundation, wich Global Assistance sending a significant contribution.

Smart assistance application

Are you afraid that in a crisis situation or car accident you wil be clueless ? Then the application Global Assistance is just for you. With our application you will never be alone in crisis situations.
Dial your assistance service with one click, or report an accident or your car through two simple steps.

Racing arena Sosnová and courses of safe driving

Basic safe driving course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part takes place in a modern and equipped classroom under the guidance of experienced instructors. Practical continues on a specially adapted surface imitation ice surface. For the whole time of the lesson on the slip surface there is a professionally trained instructor who oversees the correctness of passing lanes and using walkie-talkies speaks to all participants directly into the car.

Drivers' help line

ČThe “Drivers' Help Line” project involves creation of a call centre with a single public telephone number, 1224, for clients of all insurance companies, the purpose of which is to submit the case to the respective assistance service for settlement by the insurance company that has insured the client's vehicle.
It is a project of Czech association of assistance companies, wich we are a member.

Sky Angel Club

Most pilots have a driver's license. Most pilots know the radio and television traffic reports. To monitor the traffic situation they are involved as volunteer traffic reporters. It is a similar system like with drivers who reported current emergency situation in the field using their mobile phones.

Accident Centre of Insurance Companies

The “Accident Centre of Insurance Companies” project, in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic, involves operation of a single telephone number of the call centre, to which the Police of the Czech Republic submit requests for vehicle towing in case of accidents and breakdowns. This system is used mainly in cases when the drivers do not call their own assistance service for various reasons.