Home assistance, what is it good for ?

In the event of a crash accident in the apartment, we will provide every assistance in the scope of your insurance

Our trained operators will help to resolve accident in the apartment and common areas. We will provide technical assistance on the spot in the profession of electricians, gas experts, plumbers, heating engineers, glaziers, locksmiths, and if necessary other work. This is all in intensions with your insurance at the guaranteed price within the partner network GA.

We will help you in case of emergency

This includes performance of work by electricians, plumbers, gas and heat engineers, glassworkers, locksmiths and other work, as required.

The services are designated for tenants and owners of apartments and houses and for housing associationswith insurance of these estates arranged. They are provided in the Czech Republic non-stop in case of an emergency situation, such as in case of a sudden and unforeseeable accident or breakdown.

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