Car assistance

On the single telephone number 1220
is ready for our clients quick and efficient assistance.

Car assistance, what is it good for ?

In the event of a breakdown or an accident, we will provide all possible assistance

Our trained operators will help in every crisis situation in the Czech Republic and EU countries. We use modern and proven technology. We localize and determine your problem, then we will provide assistance on the spot, or in a carservice. We provide professional consulting, fuel import, changing wheels, jump start a car, vehicle extricating, towing or repair on the spot. All of this in intentions of your insurance at the guaranteed price within the partner network of Global Assistance.

We will help you in case of emergency

Global Assistance a.s. provides the Car Assistance service all over the Czech Republic, as well as in the territories of all European countries. It is the only assistance company in the Czech Republic that has equipped its contractual network with approximately 700 rescue and assistance vehicles with GPS units, using this technology for all actions performed. This fact has a significant impact on the quality of the services provided, and the ability to choose the nearest suitable assistance car shortens the time it takes to get the car to the client and reduces costs.

Partners abroad

The company provides the required services abroad via assistance companies that have their own network of assistance partners in the given country. The company has at least two contractual partners in each country. Global Assistance a.s. has established a direct contractual network of assistance partners in Slovakia and Germany.


Global Assistance a.s. actively participates in projects of the Czech Insurers' Bureau.

Accident Centre of Insurance Companies

The “Accident Centre of Insurance Companies” project, in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic, involves operation of a single telephone number of the call centre, to which the Police of the Czech Republic submit requests for vehicle towing in case of accidents and breakdowns. This system is used mainly in cases when the drivers do not call their own assistance service for various reasons.

Line for helping drivers

The “Drivers' Help Line” project involves creation of a call centre with a single public telephone number, 1224, for clients of all insurance companies, the purpose of which is to submit the case to the respective assistance service for settlement by the insurance company that has insured the client's vehicle.

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