Digital Clinic

Gives employees a useful benefit in the form of
round-the-clock online medical care.
Global Assistance doctors will help your whole family.

Assistance Center

available for you 24/7

Our nonstop assistance center
takes calls day and night,
weekends or holidays.
Whenever you need it!


number of consultations

The number of consultations with
a doctor is not limited.
We will help anytime you need.


accessible by phone or via video call

Consultations with a doctor can be conducted by phone, but also via video call.
You choose which is more convenient to you.

In the Digital Clinic you Will Find

Medical Doctors

Like any doctor's office, our virtual one has its own medical doctors.
Speak to real people anytime you need and you decide whether you want 
a consultation by phone or via video call.

On our service platform:

  • Provide you with information on drugs including their effects
  • Recommend specialists for your care  
  • Discuss and guide you through any health concerns
  • Help you to find alternatives to your existing treatment
  • Explain the findings of specialist medical examinations and technical terms from medical reports in layman terms


Our team of coordinators always provides you with up-to-date and reliable information in the field of health, healthcare and prevention.
For example, call them when you need:

  • to find the nearest emergency room
  • you are planning a trip abroad and wish to know if you need any vaccinations
  • to know what you can claim on your health insurance policy
  • to contact a specialist
  • a medical examination by a specialist and wish to find out where it can be provided

Help with Appointments

Have you got a referral to a specialist? Do you need to know where you can get your MRI or ECG done? We will find a suitable medical facility and book you for an outpatient examination.
No more wasting time calling doctors and seeing if they will accept you. We will arrange it all, for you. And we will also arrange an admission for hospitalization, for example, if you need to undergo a planned operation.

Psychological Counselling

Mental health is just as important as physical health. From time to time, each of us struggles with stress, fear, anxiety or insecurity. If you broke a bone you go to the doctor, in case of mental distress it is important to seek professional help. That is why in our Digital Clinic, you will also find experienced psychotherapists to provide you with counselling over the phone to help you cope in time of difficulty.

How does it work?

Do not expect any complexities with us. If you have decided to purchase this benefit for your team, it will be just a piece of cake.

  1. Click on the I WANT THIS BENEFIT button to send us your order.
  2. We will issue an invoice and when you pay it, we will send you the registration data to our online portal. There you will upload a list of your employees.
  3. Send information about the new benefit and instructions on how to activate it to your employees.
  4. Administration of it is very simple. Employees in the portal can be easily removed at any time and you can then use the free slot for someone else or cancel it altogether.


1) Who are our medical doctors?

On weekdays during working hours, you will probably meet one of our doctors, who are an integral part of our medical assistance center. In case you need a consultation in the evening or on a weekend, we will connect you with one of the doctors who work for us as external specialists. However, you can be sure that all our doctors have the required medical education, use the title of MUDr. and have many years of practical experience from the Czech Republic and abroad.

2) Is Consultation a tax-deductible employee benefit?

For an employer, the Consultation means a tax-ineligible expense pursuant to Section 25 (1) (h) of the Income Tax Act. For employees, the Consultation is exempt from income tax, in particular pursuant to Section 6 (9) (d) (1) of the Income Tax Act.

3) What is the price of the Consultation as a corporate benefit?

The monthly fee for one employee is 49 CZK.

4) How is the corporate benefit paid?

At the beginning, you set the number of slots (employees) to whom you want to purchase the benefit (e.g.: 100 employees x 49 CZK = 4,900 CZK per month). For a month, you will always pay at the end of the month preceding it, i.e., it is paid monthly, always a month in advance. In the event that you need to change the number of employees during the cooperation (reduce or add), it is always possible to make this change from the following month, if you have not already made the payment of the benefit for the following month.

5) For how long is the contract concluded? How can I terminate the contract?

By default, we conclude the contract for an indefinite period of time, with the fact that you can terminate it at any time from the following month. (You will let us know in March that you do not wish to continue, and we will end the cooperation on the last day of that month.)

6) How do I add or remove employees I pay for?

Currently, by writing us a request to do so. Later, it will be possible to add and remove employees directly in the employer portal.

7) How do I know if my employees have registered to use a benefit?

In the portal for employers, you will see an overview of employees already registered, but also those who have not yet registered.

8) How do I find out what the usability of the service is for my employees?

Based on an individual request, we will prepare a report on the use of services.

9) Do you also provide these services in English?

Our coordinators and doctors speak English.

10) Can we use the Consultation service for medical examinations of our employees?

The Global Assistance Consultation is a corporate benefit and does not replace or provide occupational medical examinations.

11) What is the minimum number of employees that we can register for the service?

The acquisition of the benefit is not conditional on any number of employees. You can buy the service if there are five of you in the company, but also 5,000.

12) Can I buy the service as a self-employed person?

Yes, you can. The condition for the arrangement of the service is to have an IČO (Business Identification Number).

Didn't find an answer to your question? Don't hesitate to ask us.

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