Traffic and Information Services

The comprehensive services of Global Assistance a.s. also include traffic information for drivers.

For purposes of collecting, processing, verifying and distributing all sources of traffic information, the company has developed its own state-of-the-art technologies – the eRDIS and Traffic News editorial system, where it gathers up-to-date information.

Sky Angel Club

Besides the normal resources, Global Assistance a.s. also uses sports pilots, for whom it has founded the “Sky Angel Club”. The top view information gives a comprehensive picture of the traffic situation in large surroundings, including the option to choose the appropriate bypass routes. Global Assistance a.s. has created a professional radio-communication network in the air zone covering the whole Czech Republic for direct communication with the pilots.

INFO D1 on 1220 is an information telephone service for drivers that provides them with current information about the traffic on the D1 highway non-stop. Any and all information is processed in line with the European standards and subsequently distributed to various types of media or systems of the clients.

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