Traffic foundation for children

Even though in the last few years the number of deaths on Czech roads cause by accidents is declining thankfully, there still remains a sad fact that every year many children lost both parents in a traffic accident. These orphans are supported by the Children's Traffic Foundation, wich Global Assistance sending a significant contribution.

Car accidents with fatal consequences unfortunately are a phenomenon in the development of civilisation. In such accidents, it is often parents who lose their lives, leaving behind children, whose upbringing is then impaired both emotionally and materially. This is the reason why the TRAFFIC FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN was established in 2000, which tries to help the orphans at least financially, making their study easier and supporting them in maintaining their living standard.

The required administrative and technical activities of the Foundation are performed by volunteers without any remuneration. Any and all financial funds obtained by the Foundation are distributed among the orphans. Since its establishment, the Foundation has gathered financial funds which have helped support about 120 children.